Post Tenebras Lux

Glass Gilding

The rallying cry of the Reformation, “Post Tenebras Lux” was taken from the Latin Vulgate section of Job, which says “Post tenebras spero lucem” (After darkness, I hope for light). It is, I think, a great reminder that darkness is temporal. Even Job, who went through more heartache than I can imagine, was able to hope for light again. I wanted to convey the idea of hope in the midst of despair through a typographic rendering of this phrase using a type style familiar to the beginnings of the Reformation. The letters developed here are the basis for Schwarzlicht, a typeface I am working on.

This piece is made of two pieces of glass, giving dimension to the gilded sections. The first piece is reverse-gilded with 22K gold leaf, the second in 12K (looks silver). A mat and piece of black Neenah Plike paper were added before framing.